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Our manufacturing process

With our highly qualified and extremely well trained engineers, able to produce Original Quality cartridges that are suited for the hundreds of different makes and models of printers currently available on the marketplace, we are able to offer our customers an excellent range

Working to exacting standards we replace all critical worn components in the cartridges that we produce. The technology used in the manufacturing process ensures that we offer our clients a superb quality product. We only use the best components possible from industry leading suppliers during our manufacturing process. The most important part of any printer is the OPC drum. We install new drums every time in our cartridges. This ensure that the printer will perform at its best and excellent print quality will be maintained for the entire lifespan of the cartridge.

Every cartridge we produce has to pass vigorous quality control tests to ensure that their page yields are equal or better than the originals.

Our reputation in the printer industry has grown substantially due to our commitment to quality service with pocket option the highest quality products available.


We offer a guaranteed, free, next day delivery on all orders placed before 12 am. Please note that someone needs to be available to sign for the delivery.

Our quality promise

All our printer cartridges come with a full, no quibble, guarantee. In the very unlikely event that you may experience any problems, simply call us on the number at the top right and we will arrange for a completely free replacement immediately.

Why does perfectprintercartridges.co.uk not supply all printer cartridges?

In order for us to offer the highest possible quality, all the products that we sell have been through a thorough testing and qualification process. This process is very time consuming, but we refuse to change this, as this would mean potentially compromising on quality. The list of printer cartridges we supply is constantly growing though, so keep an eye out for additions to our range.

Is a cheap cartridge a good cartridge?

The short answer is no. There are four types of printer cartridges:

OEM Original Manufacturer - Made by the printer manufacturer, Excellent quality but they are exceptionally expensive. Likely to be the only choice available in the first 12 months after a printer is released to the marketplace. We do not supply these at present.

Original Quality Cartridges - these are cartridges based on the shell of an original, but with all components being replaced, resulting in a printer cartridge that offers the same page yield and quality as OEM originals, but without the huge price tag. Our Original Quality Cartridges typically cost 30% less than originals.

Remanufactured - As with Original Quality Cartridges, these are based on the shell of an original cartridge. The difference is, that the various components are reused as opposed to exchanged, resulting in cartridges of varying performance.

Compatibles - cartridges often produced in China. These are very cheap, but of very questionable quality. We supplied these in the past, but found the quality to be so poor that we have refused to stock them anymore, as it leads to unhappy customers complaining about page pocket option demo login yield and print quality.

Payment options

You can pay for your cartridges using all known credit and debit cards, including

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