Cartridge quality

"We guarantee that every single cartridge we sell will perform at least as well, if not better than, the OEM original equivalent." - Eddie Caldow, Production Manager,

In few industries is the quality of products available as variable as in the printer cartridge industry. On the internet you will find a great variety of "compatible cartridges", 'remanufactured cartridges' and 'Non-OEM' cartridges. It is very confusing for the consumer and frequently these cartridges offer reduced page yields and questionable print quality compared to OEM originals, due to the inferior production methods used.

At we are fundamentally different. We re-use the shell of an old cartridge to produce our own, Original Quality cartridge. This cartridge is quality tested prior to being shipped out, to ensure that the print quality matches that of an OEM original. Matching the page yield is a job that requires expert knowledge, something which our trained professionals have. Firstly, an OEM original cartridge is taken apart and the amount of toner powder inside is weighed. This information is then used when calculating the amount of toner to put into our Original Quality cartridge. Generally speaking we will add additional toner, to ensure that our cartridges outperform OEM originals.

All our cartridges are sold with a 100% no quibble guarantee and our trained staff are happy to assist you with technical advice at any time.

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